Meet Me

Well Hello there!  It's a pleasure to meet you!
My name is Mia. 
I'm often called Mimi by my friends and family.
I've been homeschooled by my WONDERFUL Mumsey my whole entire life.
I'm a Christian young lady who loves The Lord, her family, and her life with her whole heart!
Want to know more about what I love?
I love dressing modestly, I post on modesty a lot, And I basically always am wearing skirts or dresses, My mom has always taught me to dress in ways that would make God happy, Not everybody else, And I feel so blessed that she did!
I love being a girly-girl, doing my - and other people's! - makeup - even though i don't wear makeup that much! It's so fun to try out new things -, doing my hair and everybody elses! - I basically am that girl who does everything girly - 
cupcakes, chocolate, my mumsey's homemade bread and sweet tea, and pretty much everything sweet! Cooking - I want to have a bakery when i'm older -, painting nails, drawing, watching the sun rise, lipgloss, diaries and journals - i've had an obsession with them for as long as I can remember -
dresses, long skirts, vintage beauty/fashion, dressing modest, vintage, picking berries on summer evenings, bubble-baths with lovely scents, candlelight, reading at night all cozy in bed, the colors green, pink, and yellow, floral print things, getting ready for a day out, the southern sun, going to our town square, trees, flowers, butterflies, bubblegum and green gum, swimming,  talking on the phone, fresh mint picked from our garden, being with friends and family, being taught at home - it's such a blessing - , my amazing mumsey who is also my teacher, and thanking The Lord for everything I love - which if you read this all, you can see is a lot (: -
Make sure you pop in and read about my lovely life!
If you have any questions on modesty, or ANYTHING I'm always ready to answer! (:
Love in Christ -
              Mia Janine 

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