Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day and Family Night

Hello Lovely Readers!
Today I wanted to say THANK YOU!
For reading, and commenting and following and EVERYTHING!
I love reading your comments and hearing what everybody has to say!
And all of these comments have been SO sweet and encouraging!
It really has just made me so happy! (:

Today i wanted to write a post on yesterday and today.
Yesterday, my mama made a GINORMOUS pot of homemade soup and homemade bread to go with it, and it was just one of those evenings where you are all cozy and happy being with your family and just sitting around sort of chatting and then eating and then chatting some more!
Here's a picture of the beautiful soup cooking : 
It was heavenly! (:

And here's what the bread dough looked like before it was baked :


It was so scrumptious!
There really is nothing like homemade soup and bread made by the amazing cook I call my mama! (:
We all watched the Grammy's together, and us girls - me, my sister, and my mom, - all talked about our favorite dresses, and looks.  There are some crazy ones!  But I LOVED  Carrie Underwood's white dress, and Katy Perry's blue one.  The dresses both were very modest and very beautiful!
Some weren't very modest at all *cough cough FERGIE cough cough!*
But i think that's what makes it funny to watch and see some people's crazy ideas of dresses (:
Some people just don't have modesty at all!  but judging aside, I loved the performances, and almost everyone sounded great! 
 And I loved seeing The Band Perry and Taylor Swift perform, I love their music! Kimberly Perry wore the most gorgeous skirt ever during her performance! and Taylor wore a beautiful dress during hers! I think award shows are so fun. They actually are great for getting ideas for different looks too!  Do you like award shows?
I personally love them (:

Oh, and today we are doing lots of Valentine's Day preparations!  Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays!
I always do decorating the night before, after the little one's go to bed, so that it's a surprise the next morning!
Me and my Mom went to the grocery store and bought some goodies for tomorrow!
We're making some rainbow waffles for breakfast, and we got some absolutely wonderful delicous looking strawberries :

And we got some whipped-cream to dip them in! Oh, and of course there will be lots and lots of chocolate! MY FAVORITE!  Let's hope I can wait until tomorrow (;
I absolutely can't wait!
I love Valentine's Day ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

And for all of you wonderful people who commented about me doing a beauty post, I positively am!
And I think it might be fridays and saturdays, or saturdays and sundays that I do them!
But of course there might be a random beauty post at any time!  You know I'm always doing something girly!
Tonight I'm trying out pin-curls, - I got LOTS of pins when we went shopping earlier today! -
And I can't wait to see how they turn out!
If anybody wants, I can do a post on that also! (:
Have a lovely day everyone!
Love in Christ -
Mia Janine ♥

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  1. Yes, I do like award shows!! I watched the Grammys too:)Oh and Carrie Underwoods dress was beutiful!! I would love to see how the pin curls came out:)

    Happy Valentines Day!!!:-)