Friday, February 10, 2012

My New Hair and Seth's Birthday!

So, My hair is dyed! I really love it!  We're doing it in a few steps, because I didn't want to do anything crazy all in one step! Here is the result! (:

You can see that it got rid of the darker roots and bottoms of my hair! And it made my hair feel really nice!
It felt a lot softer and shinier.
The reason i am wearing a different shirt in the result picture, is because we got some hair dye on that pink sweat-shirt (:
The next step will make it lighter, and since I have such long hair, just one kit was hardly enough to cover all of it!  I really love the result!
So, it says in the directions, that you can't get your hair wet for at least 24 hours, so my next few showers I will be wearing my favorite little shower cap with flowers on it! Here's a picture of that :

It is the loveliest shower cap i've ever seen! It's so girly! just like me! My wonderful Mama got it for me (:

That shower cap is one of my favorite things! You just can't help but feel glamorous wearing it! 

It was also my sweet little brother Seth's 1st birthday today! Here's a picture of him eating a birthday cupcake :
As you can see he loves icing! Just like me (:
He is such a blessing.

So, I am thinking about starting a day on my blog that I post an article just about beauty things... 
I can't think of a good name though! I need to work on that...
Do you like the beauty post idea? make sure to comment and tell me! I love hearing your lovely thoughts! (:
Love in Christ - 
Mia Janine


  1. Oooh! I love your hair! It looks so pretty! And, I love the shower cap too:) I also like the beauty post idea. But, I can't think of any names. haha I'm not very creative!

    In Christ,

  2. Aww, I absolutely love it! Very lovely! :) Yes, I love that beauty post idea. It will be fun to see! :)


  3. I looove your hair!!! Sooooooo cute:-) Really!!!!I want mine like that:-) keep the beauty post commen...

    With love,

  4. Thanks so much everyone! (: I will most definitely start a beauty post day, and can't wait! I'm thinking fridays or saturdays! maybe both! Thanks again! :D